Four Generations

Our family has been producing farm-fresh goodness since 1930 when my grandparents opened a dairy in Somers. We do not know much about Grandpa Joseph and Grandma Rose, other than they worked around the clock to keep the dairy running. Here’s the Pell Family Farm history that we do know, however.

Surviving the Great Depression

My father, Edwin Sr., pitched in during the Great Depression and took over the farm after grandpa passed. He maintained 45 cows, more than most other farms in the area, and worked a nine-to-five at Hamilton Standard reconfiguring machines. How did he do it? He rose before dawn and went to bed just before midnight. I always admired my father’s work ethic and his dedication to the farm, not to mention his impressive ability to milk two udders with one hand!

Pell Family Farm history for 4 generations

Generation No. 4

I’m happy to see two of my children, Kevin and Tracy, taking an interest in the family farm. Kevin ran a roadside strawberry stand as a child. He’s been working with us since graduating from business school in 2007. He focuses on marketing and strawberry production. Tracy grew up gardening with her mother and grandmother. After nine years of working as a special education teacher, she decided to work at the farm earned her Master Gardener Certification, and is pursuing Advanced Master Gardener certification through University of Connecticut.

We firmly believe a crop is only as good as the care and effort that is put into it. I guarantee the quality and freshness of our products shows how much we care about what we do. Please, explore our website to learn more about us or stop by for a visit!

Pell Farm's delicious strawberries